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Lovestream Touch

The Special Power of Etheric Healing

For thousands of years, the ancient healing traditions have taught that deep within the physical body there is a network of important energy and energy channels called chakras and meridians. Today many people are discovering that techniques such as acupuncture and energy work enhance their well-being and create the proper flow of vital energy, called chi or prana, through their body's energy pathways.

Lovestream Touch
is a powerful way to balance and increase the flow of energy in your body and to open to the experience of universal love. People who receive Lovestream Touch sessions often describe their experiences as "deeply loving, energizing, being filled with light, powerful, fulfilling, a new beginning, balancing, blissful, emotionally healing, stabilizing, like acupuncture without needles, and affecting the very core."

This amazing technique is now available where you live. You can choose to receive private sessions, or to go right ahead and learn to do it yourself!

"For the first time in my life I was able to experience being connected to everyone and everything."

"I left the session feeling clear, balanced, relaxed, refreshed and renewed."

The Science of Energetic Transformation

Lovestream Touch is from the new science of energy healing that was precisely taught to the American founder of the Lotus Organization, Sol Ta Triane. Teacher Triane received the previously secret teachings from masters of the East known in spiritual circles. It is a unique and simple system, consciously developed in order to help modern people to live a more full and abundant life. Through this profound energy work, you can boost your and other's abilities to be able to access universal energies.

How to Learn Spiritual Energy Work

You attend a three-hour workshop presented by a certified Lovestream Touch Teacher. There you receive the attunement and the technique you will need to perform the Lovestream Touch Work. That's it.

The attunement technique is a short-cut to learning, a beautiful and complex process in which your body and aura are trained to automatically do the Lovestream Touch with a little effort of your part. At the workshop you will successfully use Lovestream Touch on yourself and on others, and from that day forth you will be able to do this energy work whenever and wherever you need to. If you wish, you may receive written certification signifying your skill as a Lovestream Touch Practitioner.

Typical comments from thousands of people who have received Lovestream Touch sessions

"I have never done anything like this before...I feel so peaceful and clear."
"After the session I could feel my body humming at a whole new level..."
"Each session goes deeper and deeper. I'm learning about a profound part of myself"
"I feel stronger, heathier and more balanced."

Finally, would you like to

To find a trained and approved Lovestream Touch Teacher near you, call our number below or use the email link below.

The Lotus is a world-service Dharma organization sharing the essential teachings of Buddha, Christ and the Tao. We are pleased to offer the Lovestream Touch Program as an introduction into what is possible in human achievement. We thank you for your support in this new work! For information about further learning, please contact The Lotus, below.

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