Purification and Illumination 

Lovestream is a revealed system of energetic purification and healing to bless and assist those persons who are on a faithful path of spiritual awakening. Words can't well express the skillful means used by teachers of the wisdom of the ages. In a spiritual lineage empowerments are given which open the student to deeper levels of truth, of themselves and the world around them. This energy-healing lineage of the holy spirit is called Lovestream.

Lovestream involves the passing of the blessings of the masters, the teachers of the nature of God and our source, and is within the lineage of Jesus Christ and Buddha as a unity. These teachings have been unveiled by The Lotus founder Sol Ta Triane and many students since his ordination in January of 1992, in Jenner, California.

Lovestream as a Practice to Benefit Others

Lovestream can be modulated and practiced as a modality of healing, as it has been used for over two decades. Those who receive sessions from Lovestream Practitioners describe joy, vitality and clarity and have testified as to vastly improved meditation, insight, increased spiritual connectedness and alignment. Those interested and capable of direct spiritual learning are naturally drawn to truths others cannot see.

As a human being it is in our nature to aspire to and prepare for a spiritual opening process of recitying meaning. If you believe it may be beneficial to apply to be accepted into the Higher Contact class, or if you simply want clarification about your spiritual path, you can leave a message to that effect addressed to The Lotus Organization. We are the ordained church, and our job – to support each person in achieving their potential for spirituality in this life, based in the teachings of Buddha, Christ and Tao.

"The mass of the smaller channels or the channeling tubes of energy eventually create in all forms
that layer of corresponding nerves which are not yet recognized by medical science but which are
like an intermediary web or network. These relate the etheric body as a whole to the entire two-fold
nervous system (cerebra-spinal and the sympathetic nervous systems) which science does recognize.
It is this system underlying the nerves which is the true response apparatus and which-via the brain
telegraphs information to the mind or, via the brain and the mind, keeps the soul informed. It is this system
of nadis which is used in full consciousness by the initiate who has related the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused
personality, and has therefore seen the soul-body, the causal body or the egoic lotus totally disappear, being no
longer of any true importance. There is a peculiar and at present inexplicable relation between this system of  
nadis and the antakarana when it is in process of creation or is created.
"    from Telepathy by Alice A. Bailey

The Science of Energetic Activation

Lovestream provides a graduated, ascending program of energetic enlightenment that provides
a basis for real transformation. People who learn Lovestream are literally being recreated into more refined,
balanced and illuminated human beings. Those who receive these energies have described their increased lightness,
clarity and awareness, improved meditation and deeper contact with their true nature, in addition to their new
energy-transmitting capabilities. The goal of each Lovestream Practitioner may be to help others by offering Lovestream, either professionally or to friends, and by practicing Lovestream on themselves regularly. The Lovestream
Practitioner may choose to continue through the Lovestream for further spiritual advancement and greatly expanded
capabilities. After completing the First Level Lovestream Empowerments, one may be able to continue with the Second, Third,
and possibly, the more advanced degrees up to Fifteenth Level. Each new degree attunement gives another layer of dynamic change,
building upon the previous degree and increasing one's level of potential advancement. Most importantly, additional trainings
is spiritual transformation are given that, with energy work, constitute a complete path.

In the first trainings the student receives Lovestream One empowerments and trainings which will
enable them to transmit the Lovestream energies immediately. During the processes of empowerment, your subtle bodies
will be conditioned, cleared and organized. New pathways of light will be formed so that pure, potent energies will,
as you are ready, help you access greater levels of consciousness and illumination. Each person who takes even the
first Lovestream Workshop becomes a truly capable, fully trained and certified Higher Contact Practitioner.

The so-called Lovestream pure energies stimulate higher awareness and healing of mind and body.

It clears, balances, lightens, and awakens. Clearing is critical in a true spiritual path. It enhances connection-awareness
to Higher Self, Dharmakaya, God. Enhances alignment and works in correspondence with natural awareness.

The blessing of Higher Contact gives the student instantaneous and permanent access to spiritual healing
and transformational energies whenever needed, from a distance or with the hands.

Transforms your subtle and physical bodies so they can handle potent spiritual energies for progress and

Empowers you to be of great service and healing to others on a professional level.

Puja or the clarification of your energetics is very important since distortion is an obstacle to both awareness and health. Practitioners will know how to clear and protect both themselves and each peson on whom they perform energy work.

Most of all, we have a living lineage of blessings of the teachings of enlightenment through wonderful skillful means which works with the energy work synergistically.

"Higher Contact helps resolve whatever conflict that people are in and helps them to their next experience.
It gets my clients unstuck from where they are blocked." 

"Higher Contact is so real. The energies are so healing. I feel the qualities of love, acceptance, sharing, giving and satisfaction manifest within and without. So many people can benefit from these energies." K. Stranc, Salt Lake City, UT

"I've gained such clarity about myself and the world around me. People who I have worked with have been
helped a tremendous amount - and this is only level one!" J. Scroeder, Mountain View, C

Introduction into Lovestream

In this Workshop the student receives the first Lovestream initiation into the Awakening Lights and series of further empowerments. This training is designed to train the student to balance their or anyone's mind emotion and body on different density levels, and to awaken and clear the main and secondary energy centers chakra/bindu, relating directly to the central channel and beneficial flow of chi (prana), which is vital energy. Anyone entrained to these capabilities wil receive credit towards the Higher Contact First Level Certification. Those who take the Higher Contact Workshops will learn and open the ability to transmit many energies to themselves and to others through their hands or from any distance. During the attunement process for Higher Contact, the recipient's etheric, astral, mental, and soul bodies, (these are just subtle levels that everyone has) and the centers called chakra are purified and energized for new capabilities. The intellectual learning aspect is minimal. It is more a letting go. Recipients of empowerment are directed how to easily apply the Higher Contact blessings as their path of awaking and an awakening to what is true, the nature of things, reality. This is in fact a time of transformation for those who are capable to clarify themselves. 

Lovestream at the Second Level

Attendees of this workshop receive the second series of Lovestream empowerment and the Second Level Lovestream Initiation. The many new energetic capabilities received include hindering pattern clearing for relief and freedom, activations that increase connection to higher levels, an enhancement to transmit subtle-energy version of holistic medicine, and much more. Second Level Lovestream certification is given upon fulfillment of requirements.

Lovestream at the Third Level

Third Level is the greatest leap of the first three levels, and is for those particularly prepared to move toward unfathomable unfoldment, uncovering the very meta-genius meaning. 

For most people, it is best to take 
Lovestream Etheric Body.

Guide to try receive instead of learn Lovestream

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